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The Gamer Inside

Documenting players in our society

The Gamer Inside produces the video of Francisco Martos lecture at the 42th edition of MSX Users Meeting (RU) at Barcelona. Martos has been working to preserve MSX culture since late 80s, converting and preserving hidden japanese roms and magazines since then.

The Gamer Inside covered Global Game Jam 2013 in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). Click here to watch the interviews summarizing the developments that were presented at the event.

The Gamer Inside will be presented at A-MAZE Indie Connect Festival. We will talk about the project philosophy and the importance of preserving, not only the games, but also the gamers and their socio-cultural environment.

The Gamer Inside has been invited to present its project at The Viborg Animations Festival and The Learning Games Expo, where we will also interview some of the most relevant speakers

On Oct. 20th we will attend the ViGaMus Italian Videogame Museum Opening. On Sunday October 21st we will present our project and screen our Brazil memories channel pilot episode premiere!

On December 2012 The Gamer Inside celebrated its first two years of existence, for that reason and also to remember how the project evolved, I wrote this article to share with all of you some details about how everything started, goals achieved, ups, downs and finally the future lines. Hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to our new international website. Here you will be updated about all the news about the project. Soon you will be able to access to some interesting search features on our published footage.

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